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For Parents

  Office Visits

Most pediatric visits are either well checks or sick visits. Both types of visits are important to the medical care of your child. During a well visit your child is seen to asses his or her current health, growth and development. During these visits parents have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss their concerns related to nutrition, sleep, behavioral issues and developmental milestones their children go through. During well checks, vaccinations are given, as they are the most important preventative health care tool available. Occasionally we may ask for a laboratory or screening test to assess your child’s health or specific issues that may be of concern.

If your child is sick at the time of the well visit, please be aware that it will require extra time and effort to establish a correct diagnosis and treatment. If this takes place, please be advised that there will be an additional charge. If that is a problem for you, you may want to consult your insurance provider ahead of time to ensure your policy covers a well visit and an additional fee for a sick encounter the same day. If this is not the case, then you may want to schedule separate appointments. Please discuss it with your doctor as well. If the illness is significant enough, the doctor will focus on the sick evaluation and reschedule the well check for another day.

To take a full advantage of the well check, please write down your questions before the visit, so that all your concerns will be fully addressed. We take the education of our families very seriously and in addition to verbal instructions we often provide written material and internet links to nationally recognized sources.